Kika Logo

Kika Logo PNG Kika Logo PNG

Kika is an international chain of furniture stores, headquartered in Austria. It has 100 stores, most of them in Europe. Was acquired by Signa Holding, a real estate and retail investor, in 2018.

Meaning and history

The Kika logo is very bright and memorable. And not only because of it’s color palette, but more due to its typeface.

Kika Logo

It’s graffiti-like thick white lettering, shaded with black, is very eye-catching regardless of its placement. But the greatest contrast is achieved when the typeface is placed on the scarlet red background.

Red color adds the brand emotional comfort and warmth, when white gives the sense of cleanness and purity.

The Kika logo gives a strong unified identity to the brand, showing it as a company which is constantly growing and happy to give their best products to their customers.